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Breguet organized events in Taiwan on travel thematic

Breguet launched his high end travel watch Classique Hora Mundi in 2015. Three years their teams had to design and develop this complication watch, the first mechanical Breguet watch with an instant-jump-time zone display. The dial of the Breguet is available in three versions: each represent a part of the world: Asia and Oceania, the continents of Europe, Africa and America.

Breguet organizes thematic three successive events relating to the arrangement and the freedom of movement in Taiwan. Some hand-picked guests were given the opportunity, a series of lectures, participate in the Taipei. Renowned speakers Hora Mundi presents a typical aspect of each continent on the dials of the Classique engraved. On Saturday, August 17, the first focus was placed on Asia and its traditional architectural art. The most famous European wine discovered guests then before last Saturday after Latin America speaking regions.

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