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Rolex: the Empire Strikes Back

Preventive action or counter-attack? It’s difficult to assess with any certainty the extent to which Rolex needed to launch this collection now. But as the brand is not usually given to opportunist strikes, it seems probable that this new offering is designed to preserve a long-term share in the market, which although certainly robust, has no doubt shown cracks in recent years.

And what exactly are the issues? Predominantly active in the sports watch sector, up until now Rolex has stood gamely aside to allow its competitors and those who claim that role—primarily Omega De Ville collection—free rein in the classic, traditional and timeless watch sector. Yet given what we know about the importance of this market segment, particularly in China, we might indeed ask ourselves why Rolex replica UK did not go on the offensive earlier. In reality, the best informed observers will of course note that Rolex’s Cellini collection has been in constant and uninterrupted circulation since 1968. True enough, but the attention attracted by this collection—whose models are to be gradually phased out, with the exception of the legendary Prince—has been very limited up until now, and both interest and sales have mirrored this lack of commitment perfectly…

That’s all changed today. With an entirely reworked collection—three models available in 12 versions—Rolex seems at last to have equipped itself with the resources to invade the classic sector: one happily occupied by a plethora of brands—from mid-range to haute horlogerie—and which regularly carries a certain weight in world sales. Has not the mechanical watch—classical, elegant and of timeless design—been one of the lynchpins of the watchmaking world for decades?

The new Cellini collection exclusively offers cases in 18 karat gold (pink or white, fashioned in Rolex’s own foundry), of a diameter of 39 mm, distinguished by the fine fluting characteristic of the brand around the bezel and on the case back, as well as a screwed crown. The three models launched this year in the collection are the Cellini Time, Cellini Date and Cellini Dual Time. They are all equipped with Rolex automatic mechanical movements, chronometer-certified by the COSC.

Beyond the brand’s emergence on the classic watch market, the launch of this new Rolex Cellini collection is strategic in more ways than one for Rolex replique. Commercial stakes are naturally key, with a broader offering that is more suited to certain markets, but with this new initiative Rolex is also toying with its image. By agreeing to open this second front, Rolex is in effect accepting a change in that image, which has until now revolved essentially around sports watches, led by the Submariner. Risking such a change—or even a watering down—is an audacious wager. But this is the price to pay for conquering new territories. It’s in the very nature of earthquakes: they are a response to such powerful forces that they inevitably make waves.

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