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The Comparison Between Replica Rolex Explorer Watch and Real

The first differences between replica Rolex Explorer and Real I can say is that the case – the real looks slightly bigger. The bezel is slightly wider and flatter on the rep, leading to a bigger look as well.

The replica’s numbers are actually nicer than the real Rolex watches. The rep has white tracing that matches the white gold numbers, while the real doesn’t match, if you know what I mean. Not quite sure how to explain this.

Replica’s dial is also slightly uneven: What this means is that the real dial is totally flat, but the hole in the center in the rep dial is slightly depressed because it was punched using a heat machine I suspect. Also, the very edge of the dial also domes downwards.

Replica Rolex UK case back is slightly thicker than real, also, the Explorer crystal is very slightly less tall on the rep.

The bracelets are basically the same, the real actually is lighter than the rep. Rep is less “fluid” than the real Roelx Explorer, but seriously, they’re the same.

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