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Rolex DeepSea 116660 Mega Thread – Gen info and teardown plus rep comparisons

The intention of this post is to archive, in one place, all available information about the Rolex Deep Sea Sea-Dweller and to provide a single source for all comparisons to past, present, and future reps.

I often see posts made by newer members looking for good information on the Deep Sea. I thought this was odd as there is a Deep Sea pinned in the Rolex forum and Thinkbachs had posted a tremendously useful mega-post with some images he came across on the web of an actual tear down of a genuine Rolex Deepsea 44mm replica along with comparisons of many of the offerings of Trusted Dealers and then some. Recently I tried to locate Thinkbachs post to provide a link for someone and when I finally located his post I was taken aback to see all his great info and pictures deleted! I did have images of the tear down archived but I tried to contact Thinkbachs (TB) to see if he would reconsider resubmitting the info and posts and or to get permission to use his archived images.

Currently he can not be reached via PM so rather than use his images with out his permission I went online and located the original source of the images. It turns out those images were taken from a German watch forum and I was able to track down the original posts on that forum. There were quite a few more images located there than were originally posted on the site TB originally ran across. This information is way too valuable to not have shared and posted here. Though it is somewhat of a mystery why he felt compelled to remove all his posts I still extend great thanks to Think bach for sharing the info originally and I am included all the original images of the tear down including the ones not originally posted plus all the gold Rolex replica UK I have on the Deep Sea. This will comprise part one of this archive. Part two will be a comparison of various current models against the genuine DSSD and comparisons to each other and my intention is to have part two finished sometime this weekend.

If anyone wants to contribute information to this endeavor feel free to contact me and I will include it in the original post. Otherwise please add your information as we go along.

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