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TAG Heuer is going into sports marathons

TAG Heuer is partnering long-distance races, this means that TAG Heuer is to return to its roots and re-focus on their replica that fit business, TAG Heuer replica watches and chronographs and sports, challenge, competition and the desire to Excel is in its blood. This new partnership enables image of the brand extension, the backup package in the “do not crack under pressure” its scope of activities of the message.

TAG Heuer has been sponsoring invested a large part of marketing budgets,
Because it thinks are associated with, not only to ensure a high visibility and specific target groups, but also by providing content-rich brand territory. The brand also has the opportunity to demonstrate the value of all its shares in the sports sector.

Marathon is only initiated a decade ago, but it is becoming more popular to the international public of all ages, also includes regulars and new fans. Therefore, on behalf of the contour marathon sponsored valuable knowledge and a real opportunity: along the entire route of branding, media advertising, television, newspapers, Internet, so far beyond the actual impact on the game.

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