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The Breitling Navitimer Serie Speciale Fighters Edition Watch

Although a member favorite, the Serie Speciale is IMO not the most accurate of all the available Breitling Navitimer replica watches. The most obvious “tell” on this one is that the replica case and bracelet are polished, while the genuine comes with a very cool looking brushed finish. The crystal on the rep is another obvious giveaway, as it uses the same slightly domed crystal as all other Navitimer replicas. The genuine model uses a domed crystal, similar in shape to that of the speedmaster, with a very heavy lip.

The current model is the second generation of the Serie Speciale replica watch. The only difference between the two is the dial and the use of the 28k 7750 movement in the newer version. The dial on the original version apparently featured odd looking stickers on the sub dials.

Although the sub dial stickers disappeared on the 2nd gen Fighters the “pie pan” effect and sub dial look is not as accurate on this model. The sharp lip on the edge of the sub dials is not accurate and the effect is not as pronounced as on the gen Breitling Navitimer 01 Mens Watch.

The case back has all the correct markinks, but it is spoiled by the misspelling of the name “Messerschmitt”. Also, the overall shape of the case back is off as the genuine has a more conical shape to it.

The Breitling replica manufacturer seems to have used one case for all models. The Serie Speciale case and bezel are different however. The gen bezel seems to be deeper with a more pronounced shape to the ground out half circles.

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