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Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos 568, All Lightness, Transparency, And Simplicity

It’s all lightness, transparency, and ease. Initially glance, what draws the attention in Marc Newson’s Atmos 568 is its time keeping mechanism, which seems to drift freely in mid-air, while really being locked in place through the rear area of the movement.

Around the movement’s reverse, the mechanism is visibly locked in place at four points, as opposed to the three on traditional Atmos clocks, to produce symmetry. The membrane bridge, redesigned inside a mix-shape with a brushed finish, showcases the membrane’s bellows to great effect. It bears the clock’s name within the selected shade of blue, combined with the designer’s discreet signature in the trademark orange.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos 568

Closer inspection reveals a continuing play of sunshine around the movement, that was devised by Manufacture artisans coupled with a number of its components redesigned by Marc Newson. It’s labored in an exceedingly contemporary-searching matte satin-brushed finish, with numerous shiny areas which are tossed into brilliant relief through the light streaming with the very. A completely new the perception of the total amount wheel features grooves with matte tooth surfaces and glossy hollows, so when it rotates backwards and forwards, it makes an attractive pattern of outstanding subtlety reflecting the sun’s sun rays. A real show of workmanship! Another mobile area of the movement, the membrane, is adorned with similar play of contrasting finishes, shiny depths trigger with a matte exterior.

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